Client Awareness



- Mo has been doing makeup on herself for about 5 years and got into doing others for 2 years. Establishing #BakingBeauties was a blessing for Mahogany(Mo), she was able to network as well as do her own photoshoots & etc. After receiving many inquiries in regards to booking appointments and receiving many compliments she decided to get into doing others.  Making others feel good has always been her #1 goal at an affordable price.  Although  it’s been an off and on relationship she feels it’s something she will always have love for , it’s just about perfect timing. 


- Advanced Lash Technican

- Doing lash extensions has always been a GOAL for Mo. At the beginning of starting #MoMinks (MAY 2018), Mo & her business partner at the time became interested in doing lash extensions and ordered a practice kit. Mo become a certified advanced lash technician on March 3rd 2019 by Jessica Vines a very success lash tech & entrepreneur in Raleigh North Carolina. Mo felt the timing was right being that it’s something she always wanted to do she just wanted professional training. Also recent request of lash extensions has caused her to seek more interest. It was time for to take a leap.


- Background In Beauty

 - Mo was a mini hairstylit’s ; doing younger girls in her  neighborhood hair at the young age of 11 just playing around.  It was something she became good at  , parents were even  become fond of her doing their children’s hair. Next came her love for makeup. Her 10th grade year of high school she is when she began wearing makeup . Blue,purple,black and pink lipstick just to be different.  After cutting her hair off she used makeup as a way to express her beauty more , she first felt she need to add a pop of color here or there to let people know she wasnt a boy but eventually it became a way she expressed who she was. Starting cosmetology her junior year of high school allowed Mo to grow as a artist by discovering different brands as well as learning new technique. She found that she didn’t enjoy hair but she loved makeup and skincare.  Many girls daily come to Mo for advance on hair,makeup or really anything beauty related.